Borders and Border Crossings - Cosmopolitanism from the Arts Maebashi Collection

Island Girl, 2008, pastel on paper, 42 x 30 cm © Leiko Ikemura and VG Bild-Kunst Bonn, 2022./ Photo: Shigeo Muto.

Is it a kind of habit for humans to move from place to place? From the ancient days of the Ise pilgrimage and the Shikoku pilgrimage, to the recent bestseller about a backpacker's journey on undecided destinations, migration is fueled by a curiosity to "know the unknown". It is distinct from migratory birds and the upwelling and migration of fish.

Starting from the viewpoints of Tsuneo Takahashi, Tsune Tanaka and Takeshi Takahashi, who delved into the strata of the places where they lived, this exhibition reexamines the leaps in expression made by artists such as Toru Fukaya, Setsuya Nakamura, and Mamoru Kano, who crossed borders and went abroad in search of sources of inspiration, from the Arts Maebashi collection. In addition to these physical migrations, works by Fujio Tomiya, Jo Shoda and Hisashi Takezawa, who traveled to the world of poetic imagination, as well as about 40 works and materials including from Arts Maebashi's multicultural project "Immig-radio" will be exhibited.

The multilayered world revealed by geographical, chronological, and social mobility already exists in the places where we live. Through works created by crossing the border from the everyday to the extraordinary, we may renew our desire to go to unknown places or further strengthen our feelings toward the place where we are now. Even if the world will never return to the same place it was before, we hope that this exhibition will provide an opportunity for each of you to reflect on a place that holds special meaning for you through the constant renewal of our perspective.


Artists: Masaharu Ikeda, Leiko Ikemura, Mamoru Kano, Michinosuke Kawasumi, Yoshio Kondo, Tone Shimizu, Jo Shoda, Takeshi Takahashi, Tsuneo Takahashi, Hisashi Takezawa, Tsune Tanaka, Fujio Tomiya, Setsuya Nakamura, Kazuo Nanjo, Toru Fukaya, Tentaro Fukuda, Ryota Mori


Source: Arts Maebashi


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