Everybody Needs a Rock. Seeing the world through the eyes and hands

Group Exhibition "Everybody Needs a Rock", 2021.

The Vangi Sculpture Garden Museum is pleased to announce the opening of the exhibition Everybody Needs a Rock. Seeing the world through the eyes and hands on Saturday, October 23. Since ancient times, humans have carved and shaped natural stones for rituals and ceremonies, to protect ourselves from disasters, and for fertility. Contemporary artists are also confronted with the unyielding strength of the stone as well as themselves, as they work with the material. This exhibition presents stone sculptures by eight artists whose creative processes amount to listening to the 'voice of the stone'.

In this exhibition, visitors not only can see the works of the artists, but also can touch them with their hands. By actually touching the works, visitors may encounter what the artists saw and felt from the stones. We invite you to come and listen to the 'voice of the stone' and experience the world of the stone with your eyes and hands.

Artists: Leiko Ikemura, Tatsumi Oki, Taro Kitagawa, Hossein Golba, Sachi Hasegawa, Satoshi Hirose, Atsuya Tominaga, Giuliano Vangi

This exhibition is related to the exhibition "Festival MANAZURU. SCULPTED STONES 2021" in Manazuru-Machi, Kanagawa, Japan, where works of Leiko Ikemura are shown.

Source: Official Facebook page


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