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Artists: Atsuya Tominaga, Taro Kitagawa, Tatsuo Kawaguchi, Kota Kinutani, Sachi Hasegawa, HOSSEIN GOLBA, Rieko Otake, Leiko Ikemura, Keizo Tawa

The year before the 1964 Tokyo Olympics, the world's first sculpture symposium was held on the Manazuru peninsula located in the southwestern part of Kanagawa Prefecture. At this symposium, 12 sculptors gathered from Japan and abroad worked on sculpture using the famous stone “Komatsuishi” produced in Manazuru and released the production scenery on the Manazuru Peninsula. When the Olympics were held the following year, the 15 sculptures they produced were displayed at Shinjuku Gyoen, and they received a great response.

In line with the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics that have been held again in 2020, less than 60 years have passed since this historic event and no sculpture festival.

The Manazuru Stone Sculpture Festival brings together notable artists and up-and-coming young artists. Like the previous symposium, art works made from “Komatsuishi” are produced on the Manazuru Peninsula, and various events such as public works, talk shows and workshops are held. It is an art festival that fuses the charm of stone and art, and sends the Japanese stone culture to the world through the festival.

Phase 1: 20th September to 30th November 2019
Phase 2: July to August 2020 (estimated)

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