Giappone e Dintorni: Leiko Ikemura

Horizon Pol, 2019, tempera on jute, 60 x 80 cm © Leiko Ikemura and VG Bildkunst, 2021. / Photo: Jörg Bruchhausen.

Leiko Ikemura's expressive mediums range from drawing to watercolor, from painting to photography and to sculpture made of ceramic, terracotta, bronze and, more recently, glass. Her work is characterized by a complex and highly expressive visual language. In this exhibition, three drawings on paper made in 1983—the beginning of her artistic career—are presented. These three works, with a predominantly figurative character, are joined by the painting on canvas Horizon Pol, which is one of her more recent productions. This 2019 painting exemplifies the ultimate outcome of Ikemura's artistic research, which investigates the intensity of the pictorial act, detaching itself from the figurative in favor of the quiet lyricism that distinguishes its ethereal and timeless atmospheres. The exhibition of these images, specially selected for our hall, continues ideally in the large spaces of Building Gallery (on via Monte di Pietà, 23, Milan) in Leiko Ikemura, Before Thunder, After Dark. This is an exhibition that brings together in its 4 rooms a selection of 50 works. The exhibition unfolds in thematic groups (arranged on 4 floors) designed to showcase the visual vocabulary of the artist, starting from the large-format charcoal drawings of the '80s, through the delicate and nuanced tones of the works of the '90s, to the intense colors of the most recent canvases.

The exhibition will remain on display until November 30 and can be visited from Monday to Friday, by appointment that confirms the day and time of the visit at:

We would like to remind you that, in this period, it is not possible to enter the Consulate freely, but only by appointment. Therefore, those who wish to visit the exhibition are asked to confirm their visit through the email address above.


Source: Consulate General of Japan in Milan, Italy


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