Inauguration of the new church windows

Chapel and sacristy of the Wunderblutkirche © Leiko Ikemura and VG Bild-Kunst Bonn, 2023./ Photo: Philipp von Matt.

Artist Leiko Ikemura redesigned the stained glass windows in the chapel. They will be inaugurated on Whit Monday.

Leiko Ikemura is present at the inauguration.


On May 29 - Whit Monday at 3:00 p.m., the completely redesigned windows in the the Miraculous Blood Chapel and Sacristy will be opened to the public. State Bishop Christian Stäblein will present the artist Leiko Ikemura and her work with a laudation, and the artist will be on hand to share her thoughts on the creative process. Framed by music, there will be an opportunity to talk with each other about this significant new building block at the Wunderblutkirche building.

In a competition, the Japanese artist Leiko Ikemura prevailed with her designs and ideas for the new design - a courageous and impressive counter-design to the existing glass art of the church - we thus set a deep footprint of our time in the architectural history of St. Nikolai. Thankfully, this work of art was financed by the Sparkasse Prignitz and the Sparkasse Foundation East Germany.

You are cordially invited to be present on Whit Monday to get your own impression of this impressive work of art.

(Text by Christian Richter, Community Newsletter)


Source: Community Newsletter, Wunderblutkirche



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