Leiko Ikemura - Usagi Kannon

Usagi Kannon, 2012/20, patinated bronze, 340 x 159 x 138 cm © Leiko Ikemura and VG Bildkunst, 2022. / Photo: Suzanne Ophof, Museum Singer Laren, 2022.

Singer Laren prepares for the opening of the new Nardinczalen

In the new Nardinczalen of Singer Laren, preparations for the exhibition Sluijters en de modernen. Collectie Nardinc are in full swing. But that's not all. Also on the forecourt preparations are in full swing for the official opening of the Nardinczalen by Princess Beatrix on Tuesday 8 March. Starting today, visitors and passersby will be welcomed on the square by an imposing bronze sculpture by artist Leiko Ikemura.


A collaboration with ARTZUID

The nuclear disaster in Fukushima prompted Leiko Ikemura (b. 1951) to create the sculpture Usagi Kannon (2012/20), because it was very drastic for humans and animals. The sculpture shows a hybrid mother figure, half human, half animal. Tears roll down her cheeks. She dares to make herself vulnerable, to show emotions. At the same time she is strong and offers protection in the face of adversity in life; someone who is always there no matter how big a disaster is. Visitors can take shelter under mother's skirt and feel like a child again for a moment.

"With this impressive sculpture we herald a new collaboration with ARTZUID, the Sculpture Biennial of the Netherlands. Together with ARTZUID we will create the programming for the sculptures on the square in front of Singer Laren, where each sculpture will be on display for approximately 1.5 years," said Evert van Os, general director of Singer Laren.


Four benches of Kiki van Eijk and Joost van Bleijswijk

To view Leiko Ikemura's sculpture in peace or to simply enjoy a visit to Singer Laren, four benches by leading designers Kiki van Eijk and Joost van Bleijswijk will soon be placed on the forecourt. Singer Laren and construction company Heilijgers commissioned this design duo for the benches. The benches were made with a 3D concrete printer and form a graceful interplay of lines, similar to a sketch, where some lines are drawn thicker and stand out more clearly. "Laren has traditionally always had a vibrant artist community in which experimentation, drawing, spacious thinking is essential. We want to unite the beauty of this sketch-like thinking in the benches for Singer Laren," said Kiki van Eijk and Joost van Bleijswijk.


Source: Museum Singer Laren & Press Release


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