Museum: Modern and Contemporary Collection

Dark Head with Bird, 1996, terracotta, glazed, 35 x 27 x 19 cm © Leiko Ikemura and VG Bild-Kunst Bonn, 2021. / Photo: J. Littkemann.

From bays to walkways and rooms to corridors, discover the founding movements in the history of 20th- and 21st-century arts, along with the iconic works that have profoundly marked the modern era. The alternating chronological presentations, monographic and theme-based rooms give visitors a fascinating insight into the key moments in more than a century of creation.


The chronological presentation of the modern collection begins in 1905 (on level 5), with the lively brush strokes and dramatic colours of the Fauve artists. This movement spawned the major artists of the 20th century who laid the foundations for Cubism, Expressionism and Abstraction. These early "avant-garde" movements are represented by artists from all over Europe, and from around the world. The entirely recreated Brancusi Studio extends this constantly growing presentation onto the Piazza. 


The contemporary collection (on Level 4) highlights works that testify to the diversity of artistic contexts in our globalised world, along with environments and presentations that constitute veritable artistic programmes in their own right. Divided into historical sequences, this presentation reflects an evolving collection that is continuously enriched in order to showcase the best of the most contemporary scene. Some of the emblematic works in the collection are genuine multi-sensory installations, such as Ben's Le Magasin, Plight by Joseph Beuys and Les Piques by Annette Messager…


#Pompidou VIP 

For the Centre Pompidou, the term VIP is applied essentially to our masterpieces: Very Important Pieces! Immerse yourself without delay in the world of these emblematic works, exhibited on both levels of the Museum. 

These jewels of our collections, landmark creations and prodigious pieces all mark the zenith of a period, a technique, and the genius of an artist. These milestones on the historical tour from 1905 to the present day owe their prestige both to their ability to radiate and to the dialogue they establish with the entire collection, whose splendour in fields as varied as the plastic arts, photography, film, new media, design, sculpture and architecture, is unequalled in Europe.


Source: The Centre Pompidou


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