papier & klang Festival

Kitsune Woman, 2021 © Leiko Ikemura. / Photo: Leiko Ikemura.

Artists: Alexandra Grant, Amparo Sard, Anca Munteanu Rimnic, Annegret Soltau, Astrid Busch, Barbara Beisinghoff, Bastian Hoffmann, Cem Bora, Chor der Kulturen der Welt, Christiane Feser, Claudia Hajek, Claudia Schmitz, Dodo Schielein, Eileen Dreher, Elisabeth Sonneck, Erwin Wurm, Fee Kleiß, Fiene Scharp, Finja Sander, Gabriela Stellino, Harriet Groß, Hildegard Mann, Ilka Raupach, Ines Schaikowski, Ismene, Jana Schumacher, Janine Eggert, Jenny Michel, Jessica Maria Toliver, Johanna Weis, Jorinde Voigt, Justine Laeufer, Jutta Steudle, Kaja El Attar, Kerstin Mörsch, Kirstin Rabe, Leiko Ikemura, Marie Kreuz & Lean Alev, Mark Schreiber, Martin Spengler, Miriam Gronwald/ Olga Jakob, Nham-hee Völkel-Song, Nicole Gütl, Rachel de Joode, Renata Kaminska, Renata Palekcic, Sabine Hilscher, Sandra Lakicevic, Sofia Nordmann, Solveig Gubser, Thomas Judisch, Ute Krautkremer, Wolfgang Tillmans

Paper communicates with people and people communicate with paper.
The "papier und klang" festival is dedicated to the highly emotional relationship people have with this versatile, changeable and ubiquitous material.

Paper can receive, depict and trigger emotions.
Sound also triggers emotions, makes material and body vibrate and thus makes something ring in us.

From July 6 to September 3, 2023, international artists will explore their relationship between paper and inner sound in various formats such as exhibitions, performances and installations.

The museum Haus des Papiers provides the roof under which the following art and culture venues:
Freundeskreis Willy-Brandt-Haus eV, the Museum of Communication Berlin and the art space Möglichkeit einer Insel.

Together we let paper and their inner sounds swing through the city.

Opening events
Freundeskreis Willy-Brandt-Haus e.V. 07/06/2023
Museum for Communication Berlin 07/20/2023
Möglichkeit einer Insel 08/03/2023
Haus des Papiers HdP 08/10/2023


Leiko Ikemura

Her paintings and objects revolve around themes of transformation and fusion of man and nature. The hybrid-like creatures and mythical beings are always depicted in shadowy form, frozen in a state of becoming.

The outstanding feature here is Ikemura's ability to merge two very different poles - European and Far Eastern cultures. Her silent landscapes and the mostly female hybrid beings are often expressions of indeterminacy and of the depths of human nature. Ikemura's sculptures are mostly made of bronze and terra cotta or glass.

For the festival, however, she is showing a three-dimensional paper work. For it, she added to one of her best-known series of resting heads in the bright white material papier-mâché. The unsmoothed white surface with delicately sculpted facial features quietly hints at the inspiration behind the work - the mythological creature Kitsune, an ice fox that takes the form of a beautiful young woman. In the object Kitsune Woman, this is particularly beautifully demonstrated - a fragile form, a touch of paper. Time seems to freeze. Everything comes to rest. Breath fills us, like life.




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