From Hell to Heaven - Leiko Ikemura’s column for STOA169 © Leiko Ikemura, 2020. / Photo: Felix Pitscheneder.

“With this column, I would like to draw attention to the connection between planet Earth and heaven. The red tree is also a tree of life. A dancing figure appears from out of the fierily rising tree – it might be an angel or even a devil, depending on who is looking at it.” / Leiko Ikemura

STOA169 - The artist columned hall in Polling
IDEA / A hall of art in the middle of nature, supported by over 100 individually designed columns, created by internationally renowned artists from all over the world: the artist Bernd Zimmer has been pursuing this idea and its realisation for almost 30 years.

The first construction phase of STOA169 is now open to the public.
Free admission.

Source: STOA169 online & Instagram.

STOA169 Stiftung
Kirchplatz 2
82398 Polling