Voice-Over: Museum Reopening Commemorative Exhibition

Thinking, 1985, acrylic on canvas, 150 x 200 cm © Leiko Ikemura and VG Bild-Kunst Bonn, 2021.

A selection of works from the collection of Shiga Museum of Art and from all genres of around 1,800 objects are presented in a cloister-style museum building.

Looking closely at a work of art is akin to listening to its "voice". If you listen closely, you may find unexpected connections between the works. This exhibition explores the new circulations and connections among the museum's four collections - modern Japanese painting, local art, contemporary art, and Art Brut - through six themes that collect the inner voices of artworks. In addition, three guest artists will participate in the exhibition, adding their own voices to those heard from the collections and the architecture of the museum.

Yuichiro Tamura (1977-), who has developed a variety of methods of expression based on meticulous and bold search, will process Andy Warhol's works in his own unique way to reveal a possible image of the artist himself. Mien Nakao (1980-), who sheds light on the value of vanishing things through her work of "Utsushi" (copy), questions us about the meaning of preserving works of art, using the painter Yuki Ogura, who is deeply involved with the establishment of the museum, as a theme. dot Architects, an architecture firm, will create an archival space that collects the voices of the museum generated during its closure, and present the long closure, which is considered to be a "vacuum", in a positive light, creating a place to think together with the viewers about the future of the museum as it restarts.

A voice-over is a speaker's voice that is heard from outside the screen of a film. At the same time, it represents a method of narration in which another voice is superimposed on the original spoken language. This layering of voices is also linked to the work of the museum itself, which gradually finds and adds new meanings to artworks in the process of preserving and exhibiting them over time. It is a place where artworks and the voices of those who view them overlap, not in harmony, but in a rich cacophony of sounds. We hope that this exhibition will provide an opportunity to encounter such a museum.

Artists: dot Architects, Leiko Ikemura, Mien Nakao, Yuichiro Tamura.

Dates: From Saturday, 18th September to Sunday, 14th November 2021
(Exhibits will be changed during the exhibition period.)

Closed on Mondays. (Open on national holidays and closed on the following Tuesdays.)


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With the reopening of the Museum, the Museum will be renamed from "Museum of Modern Art Shiga" to "Shiga Museum of Art".


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