Von nun an / From now on

Hare-Woman, 1990/2016, patinated bronze, 78 x 25 x 25cm. © Leiko Ikemura and VG Bild-Kunst Bonn, 2024./ Photo: Jörg von Bruchhausen.

"Von nun an / From now on" is an immersive, intuitive and multi-layered exhibition, conceived for the representative new building of the Kunsthalle Rostock, the Schaudepot. It is an interactive showpiece that understands the visitors and the artist as equally structurally involved, thus making it a sensual venue for the body and corporeality, society and the reflection of a contemporary global environment.

Back in 2021 during the second "Corona Lockdown", the Kunsthalle Rostock invited Clemens Krauss, who is also a psychoanalyst, to carry out the performance "Depot". For almost two months, individual sessions with visitors to the Kunsthalle took place daily in the museum's depot, where visitors are otherwise not allowed to enter on their own. The participants in this project entered the Kunsthalle, which was being renovated at the time, individually and met Clemens Krauss, who was present live from his Berlin studio via a large screen and a digital camera for the entire duration of the performance. In this situation - which is also unusual in terms of art history - visitors created a "work" together with the digitally connected artist through an intimate dialog in the depot of a museum.

There are no video or sound recordings of this performance, there were no viewers, the project cannot be documented in the classical sense, only the moment, the situation and the experience represent the artistic work. The momentum of displacement leads to an expanded process of understanding, it is about "shifting", processes such as displacement and displacement can restore intrapsychic orders - in a time of political, social, economic and ecological forces that affect our societies. The result is a kind of rebuilding process, at the end of which there is ideally a progression or a form of "maturation". The social function of art is a central interest in the work of Clemens Krauss.

Following the idea of a parcours, the show "From now on I want to have the happiest time of my life", curated by Tereza de Arruda, develops on the basis of the works on display in various media throughout the Kunsthalle's Schaudepot - as a kind of Gesamtkunstwerk (ideal work of art). This non-linear exhibition strand develops from the idea and also the representation of a (symbolic) presence and absence of artist, work and visitors, as well as the idea of the co-construction of all participants. Krauss' experiences with the intensive exchange with the numerous participants in the "Depot" project, with regard to personal experiences, the experience of the present under the conditions of a much-invoked turning point, but also very individual emotional impressions and confrontations, become part of the exhibition concept. At the same time, the Kunsthalle Rostock itself will be transformed into an organic, emotional body, with both existing works and works created for the exhibition shaping the character of the building and the exhibition. This is where the return to the depot takes place. Individual works from the museum's collection are used by Clemens Krauss as references, so here too, after an analytical survey, a kind of artistic reworking takes place - in the sense of remembering, repeating and expanding. Selected current series of paintings, photos, objects and a sound installation, all created since 2021, are set in a continuous dialog.

Clemens Krauss was born in Graz in 1984 and has lived permanently in Berlin since 2009. His works, which repeatedly deal with the themes of the human individual as a psychophysical entity in social, political and cultural contexts, have been shown internationally in numerous institutional solo and group exhibitions. He has realized participatory exhibition projects at Kunstraum Innsbruck (2019), the International Havana Biennial (2019) and Berlin's Haus am Lützowplatz (2021-2022), among others. With the exhibition "Von nun an / From now on", Krauss builds on this artistic practice and continues it in a radical way.

Funding and support
The project is supported by the Federal Ministry of Art, Culture, the Civil Service and Sport and ROSTOCK PORT GmbH. Kunsthalle Rostock gGmbH is supported by the Hanseatic and University City of Rostock, the Ministry of Science, Culture, Federal and European Affairs of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and the association "Freunde der Kunsthalle Rostock e. V.", health partner: Klinikum Südstadt Rostock, cultural partner: NDR Kultur

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