After a period of closure for renovations, the Toyota Municipal Museum of Art will reopen on June 1st, 2019. To celebrate this reopening, works from the museum’s collection will form the largescale exhibition “Who opens up the world?”

Opening up our world into directions filled with possibilities̶this has been one of the major themes pursued by the arts. Art has the crit- ical power of showing us things we did not know, shining a different light on familiar things that went unnoticed, and expanding our lives into new areas beyond the world which we have wrapped ourselves in. This may then reawaken something inside us and release it, granting the opportunity to move forward beyond our stagnated circumstances. We must not forget that even though art is that which opens up our world, this would be difficult if it were achieved through the power of artists alone. What initiates the process of opening up the world is that which results from the active interaction between the works made by artists and all of us, the viewers. In the exhibition space, first try to face the works directly. Then, through having numerous conversationsthatask“, Whatisthis?”theworldwillbegintoopen. With the key phrase for this exhibition being“open up the world,”we have divided the show into four themes according to the myriad ways of addressing such a large subject. Including a special selection from among our collection̶the basis of all the museums’activities̶and new acquisitions, around 100 works from across the museum will be on display.

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Source: Toyota Munincipal Museum of Art


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